Steer Truck Tire 787


Steer position truck tire with ECE Label DOT ISO GCC certificates

    Truck Tire Pattern 787 Advantages

    1. Steer truck tire with high power mixed pattern 
    2. Quansi-sovereign tread pattern steer truck tire
    3. Steer truck tire with Integrative shoulder pattern, High loading capability
    4. Truck tire suitable for all kinds of the roads

    Truck Tire Pattern 787 Advantages Advantages 

    Recommended truck types & position

    Truck Tire Pattern 787 AdvantagesRecommended position

    Steer Truck Tire 787 Technical Data

    Size Standard rim Load index
    &Speed symbol
    Load capacity(Kgs) Pressure Section width Overall diameter
    12.00R24-18PR 8.50 158/155K 4250 3875 830 313 1226
    12.00R24-20PR 8.50 160/157K 4500 4125 900 313 1226

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